Founded in 1895, this is when the history of Swarovski’s unique crystal production begins. Being the premium brand of the finest crystals, Swarovski offers designers an almost unimaginable range of components for the design of jewelry, fashion, accessories and many other beautiful items.

The Swarovski Crystals are materials for fashion jewelry made from crystal glass. Their main property is the outstanding clarity and the multitude of precisely cut facets that refract and reflect the light which creates the unmistakable sparkle. Depending on the number, size and angle of the facets, the incidence of light creates an experience that mesmerizes the viewer. These crystals are available in thousands of colors, effects, shapes and sizes and give each single piece of jewelry its own magic and glamour. Always looking for the newest trends, Swarovski constantly create new elaborate cuts and beautiful colors.

This magic touch for innovation and trends makes Swarovski’s world of colors extraordinary and unsurpassed. Putting the focus on skin-friendliness and sustainability, their production was adjusted to a lead-free and sustainable process. Therefore the new SWAROVSKI® ADVANCED CRYSTALS are in line with our philosophy of quality and sustainability.


petra kupfer and the label “MADE WITH CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®”

“MADE WITH CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®” represents our creative framework. We combine a variety of materials like gemstones, metals, enamel, acrylic, glass, natural rubber and leather with Swarovski Crystals and Pearls, creating exclusive pieces of jewelry to the constant delight of our customers.

The label “MADE WITH CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®” represents a certification of authenticity of the Swarovski crystals and is used to identify all pieces of jewelry manufactured with original components.

We are very proud to be certified to brand our pieces as “MADE WITH CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®”, this is very special and only granted to certain trading partners. As a licensed designer, all our product labels carry an individual number of identification.

Out of admiration for their beauty and diversity, these components represent the heart of our jewelry collections since 1995. With Swarovski we share the love for detail and dedication to create beautiful, safe and sustainable jewelry for our customers.



The world of Swarovski Crystals offers endless possibilities for creating jewelry. The incredible range of shapes, colours and designs make Swarovski Crystals a true treasure trove for all designers and jewelry lovers. We would like to introduce you to a few of these crystals that constantly inspire us to new creations.

Xirius Stones

150 years ago, Daniel Swarovski had the vision of creating a diamond that every woman can wear. This vision was constantly developed further and perfected by Swarovski ever since. The most recent XIRIUS glass diamond by Swarovski is the most brilliant crystal glass stone ever in existence.

The Xirius stone excels through its round shape with a deep pavilion and a large table. The saturated colors of this fashion jewelry crystal approximate a diamond. We use this crystal in many sizes from 1mm to 8mm diameter. This stone got his name from the brightest star in our universe: Sirius.

The Rivoli Stones

The Rivoli Stone has a flat and round shape with 22 facets, which taper off towards the lower part. This is known as a “deep pavilion”. Its facets are tri-angular with a relatively large area. The shape reminds of a circus tent and a beaming sun.

It has marvelous colors saturation and color effects which show themselves beautifully. There are no opal colors for Rivoli stones and we use Rivoli stones between 6mm and 14mm in diameter.

Fancy stones

Fancy stones combine exciting shapes in a whole universe of colors. These components come in very special color effects that you cannot find in other variants.

In our designs we utilize many variations of cuts and more than 40 different shapes. Some components emulate classic diamond cuts while others are completely new creations.

In our production, we love working with oval as well as square, navette and tear drop shapes.


The color variations of SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS

Clear colors: All SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS come in classic clear colors whose transparency make the wonderful facets visible.

Effect colors: There are various SWAROVSKI® “effect colours” that show a shiny surface, appear opaque or completely like a mirror. Some colors appear contrasted while others show smooth color gradations.

The rainbow color “Crystal Aurora Borealis” is something very special. While it’s basic color is white, it reveals the whole color spectrum in an almost holographic effect, giving credit to its name.



The SWAROVSKI® CRYSTAL PEARL is the perfect imitation of a real pearl. Even the weight and touch are identical.

Abrasion, scratches, perfume and perspiration cannot harm this wonderful pearl. It is the first pearl where many layers of real mother-of-pearl are applied around a core of crystal glass, just like a naturally grown pearl. The result is a silky smooth surface that feels soft and pleasant. They come in variants of high gloss, pearly shine or silky matte. We use CRYSTAL PEARLS in our jewelry in many sizes from 6mm to 14mm diameter.

Pearly shine colors: The classic CRYSTAL PEARLS present themselves in an understated, subtle shimmer.

Silky matte colors: The surface of these neon-colored CRYSTAL PEARLS is silky matte.

High gloss colors: The high gloss surface of these CRYSTAL PEARLS gives the gemstone colors exquisite radiance.

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