Material Informations


Since we are the manufacturer of all the articles offered here, we can also give you detailed information about their composition.

Metals: we use tin or brass, depending on the type of production. Our tin is lead-free and approved for food. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and, according to experience, does not produce allergic reactions.

Surfaces: The metal parts are galvanically treated for start-up protection and for optical reasons. Silver-colored parts are covered with a white bronze layer. The advantage over a silver plating is a better start-up protection and less wear. Our rosé and yellow gold covers are made of real gold, which is added to other metals depending on the color. The exact composition of these ultra-thin layers remains the secret of the electroplating process. The electroplating companies working with us guarantee that we do not use nickel. We also cooperate here with German companies.

Allergies: In principle, each metal can cause an allergic reaction in certain individuals. Allergies to silver and even to gold are known. In our 30 years of experience, we were repeatedly confirmed by our customers, including sensitive persons, that no allergic reactions occurred during the wearing of our jewelry.

SWAROVSKI Crystals are polished glass stones which have a sparkling effect similar to diamonds through many facets and a backed silver layer, the foil. Previously these stones were also called rhinestones. The Swarovski company was founded in 1895 by the glass grinder Daniel Swarovski in Bohemia. D. Swarovski invented the first water-driven glass grinding machine and developed a process for melting and dyeing crystal glass. This has produced an unprecedented precision and color diversity which is now the trademark of the company. Today, the company has become a globally operating group with many subsidiaries. The jewelry is no longer made of lead crystal, but from lead free crystal. The Swarovski crystals achieve a unique brilliance through special techniques, which are still the best kept secret. As a branding partner of Swarovski, we are entitled to label our products with the Swarovski label.




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