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Passion is felt the deepest if you can share it. Since 1987 our collections of fashion jewelry are handcrafted in Hamburg, Germany. In the rooms of the former royal “Proviantamt”, a building protected as a treasure of architectural history, we live our philosophy of quality and sustainability. As a German manufacturer of jewelry it is our commitment to craft beautiful and wearable pieces for our customers.

It is our desire to produce jewelry just as we love to wear it ourselves. This approach requires the highest standard in materials, craftsmanship and design. This is what we want and we are proud of it!

Modeschmuck mit SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS in liebevoller Handarbeit gefertigt

The Material

The heart of each piece of jewelry is the material. From the start it was our decision to work exclusively with lead-free tin alloys that are also safe and approved for contact with food.

Tin is many times more expensive than lead and is harder to work with, but we faced that challenge with joy and conviction. In our foundry, lead is not used in any way, even if its use would be legal in Germany, contrary to other countries. No alloy from lead, which is commonly used in the fashion jewelry industry has a place in our workshop. Aside from the lead free tin alloy, we are using brass and copper.

Over the years we have formed reliable partnerships with German suppliers that have similar focus on quality, safety and sustainability.

modeschmuckherstellung mit Leder, Kautschuk, Zinnbarren

The Manufacturing

The manufacturing of our jewelry is a thrilling journey. High quality and skin-friendly materials are selected and assembled by hand. Swarovski  Crystals and Pearls meet leather and metal. Here we are also true to our beliefs: we solder without lead, our leather is sourced exclusively from European sources and our dyes are plant-based. Sustainability is on top of our mind and we follow this idea wherever we can. Manufacturing is our passion and we give our best for our customers.

Schmuckteile aus der eigenen Gießerei

The craftsmanship

Beautiful luster and radiance are the most eye-catching property of our pieces of jewelry. Before a piece is finished, our designs are silver-plated or gold-plated in a process of galvanic refinement. This final layer adds the luster and is normally the part of the design that touches the skin.

Every factory that conducts this refinement is subject to very strict regulations and constant controls. The disposal of by-products in an environmentally sound way is absolutely essential. Here we cooperate exclusively with German companies that share the same values as us.

The refinement of fashion jewelry with nickel has been a fact over time, since nickel has excellent properties in terms of hardness, shine and durability. But since it can cause strong allergies with a number of people, the use of nickel is prohibited by us. Our galvanized coatings are – and will always be – nickel free.

As a German manufacturer we know and observe all our production processes very closely at all times so our customers can buy and wear our jewelry with total peace of mind.

Schmuckstücke werden in liebevoller handarbeit gefertigt


Art, creativity and craftsmanship are the recipes of our success, exciting our customers with new collections again and again. Classic pieces of timeless elegance are part of our catalog as well as trend setting lines featuring extraordinary colour combinations and mixes of materials.

The labeling “MADE WITH CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®” represents our creative framework. We combine a variety of materials like gemstones, metals, enamel, acrylic, glass, natural rubber and leather with Swarovski Crystals and Pearls, creating exclusive pieces of jewelry to the constant delight of our customers.

Passion for what you do allows you to create something special and unique. It is our privilege to share our passion with our customers.

petra kupfer and team

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS spielen die zentrale Rolle bei unseren Designs

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